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Insolvency Bites is a podcast and video series in which Lawyer, Stacy Miller and Insolvency Practitioner, Alice Ruhe discuss relevant topics relating to all things bankruptcy, liquidation, receivership and voluntary administration. From recent cases to age-old concepts and everything in between, Alice and Stacy look at various insolvency elements from a number of perspectives and provide candid viewpoints based on their collective 40+ years of experience in this nuanced field.

Latest Podcasts

ALICE & STACY     |     55min

Commissioner of Taxation v Bosanac Is the Presumption of Advancement Dead

A discussion where they discuss the case of Commissioner of Taxation v Bosanac includes:  Whether the presumption of advancement is still relevant?

ALICE & STACY     |     60min

Is there an intention to defeat creditors or not That is the question

A discussion around the issues raised in the recent case of McMillan v Warner (Trustee) [2022] FCAFC 20.

ALICE & STACY     |     65min

Insolvency Bites Bankruptcy System Options Paper

Last month, the Attorney-General's Department released the "Bankruptcy System - Options Paper" which again looks to outline reform opportunities the Government is considering

Your Awesome Hosts


Alice Ruhe is a Chartered Accountant, Registered Liquidator and Registered Trustee in Bankruptcy with over 20 years of experience in all forms of insolvency administrations.


Stacy Miller is a highly regarded litigator with notable success in factually complex high-end litigation cases. Since her admission in January 2003, she has practiced exclusively in the areas of commercial litigation, insolvency, debt recovery, and dispute resolution.

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