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Business Valuations

The business valuation services provided by SMB Advisory offer clients access to dedicated practitioners with significant expertise in the valuation of small to medium-sized businesses.

SMB Advisory has the technical skills and market awareness to prepare an informed assessment of value based on our qualification as Chartered Accountants and extensive experience.


Types of Business Valuations 

  • Valuation Engagement

  • Limited Scope Valuation Engagement

  • Calculation Engagement

As the accuracy, analysis, and costs of these different types of valuation engagements may vary, it is imperative that the instructions are clear on the type and any limitation of the valuation.

SMB Advisory is able to assist in preparing the valuation instructions to ensure that your objectives are achieved whilst being mindful of costs.


Business valuation services provided 

  • Independent Expert Reports for litigation purposes

  • Valuation services for mergers, acquisitions, and disposals

  • Pre-lending review valuations

  • Dispute resolution and expert determination

  • Corporate restructuring

  • Estate planning purposes

  • Family law matters

  • Succession and exit planning

  • Taxation issues

Business valuation services can be undertaken for a fixed price, subject to the provision of timely and complete information. Contact us today to obtain a quote on a fixed price small/medium-sized business valuation.

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