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This practice addresses a spectrum of complex financial and business matters, including but not limited to fraud investigations, personal injury claims, shareholder and partnership disputes, business interruption claims, insurance claims, matrimonial claims, professional negligence, contractual disputes, and any scenario involving economic loss. Our clients include lawyers, banks, and various business stakeholders.

Engagement Categories

Forensic Accounting at SMB Advisory is a specialised practice dedicated to engagements related to disputes, both before and after litigation, involving the quantification of economic loss or damages. The primary purpose is to compile reports and gather evidence that substantiates litigation during trial proceedings.

Forensic Accounting: Litigation Support and Evidence Compilation

Crucially, our approach is characterised by independence, ensuring objective reports on the outcomes of engagements and the provision of evidence.

Independence and Objectivity

Within Forensic Accounting, Fraud Services warrant special mention, addressing deceptive practices made for dishonest personal gain. Occupational or employee fraud, a significant issue globally, is a key focus, impacting businesses in Australia and beyond.

Fraud Services: Addressing Deceptive Practices

Key categories include asset misappropriation, corruption, and financial statement fraud.

Our services in this domain fall into two key categories:

Fraud Identification (uncovering the nature and extent of fraud, identifying perpetrators, and establishing recovery strategies) and Fraud Risk Minimisation (reviewing controls to determine likely fraud risks and reporting on strategies to minimise such risks).

Categories of Occupational Fraud

Our Transaction Support services are integral to aiding informed business decisions and fall into two categories:

1. Due Diligence:
Financial and commercial due diligence for business purchasers tailored to client and transaction needs, identifying associated risks and commercial terms of contracts.

2. Pre-Lending Reviews:
Providing due diligence for lenders to assess business fundamentals in support of loan applications or extension of existing facilities.

Transaction Support: Facilitating Informed Business Decisions

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SMB Advisory are specialists in Forensic Accounting, focusing on litigation support, evidence compilation, and objective reporting.

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