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Effective business restructuring not only serves as a cost -effective alternative to liquidation or voluntary administration but also helps reshape a robust foundation for future growth without compromising core business assets.

Our experts conduct a thorough analysis of your business and work closely with you to discuss your objectives and tailor restructuring strategies that work for you and your stakeholders.

A Preventative Measure or Catalyst for Growth

To qualify, companies must meet the following criteria:

- Debts to external creditors of less than $1 million (excluding employee entitlements).

- Taxation lodgements must be up to date before the Restructuring Plan is proposed - which is ordinarily 20 business days from the date of engagement.

- All employee entitlements that are due and payable, must be paid before the Restructuring Plan is proposed.

- The Company must not have been subject to a simplified liquidation or SBR in the previous 7 years.

- Directors, including former directors acting in the preceding 12 months, must not have been involved in a simplified liquidation or SBR in the previous 7 years.

Eligibility Criteria for Small Business Restructuring

SBRs occur in two phases.

The first being the Restructure Phase followed by the Plan Phase.

The restructure phase can be seen as two components, where within 20 business days (typically) a proposal to creditors is formulated and then issued to all affected creditors for their consideration, who then have a 15 day acceptance period to cast their vote on the proposal submitted.

If the proposed restructuring plan is accepted, the Plan Phase commences where the restructuring plan is then implemented. The Plan Phase can last for a maximum of three years, with no minimum period. Once the restructuring plan is fully effected, the Company is released from affected creditor claims and the director(s) of the company resume full control of the company and its assets.

How does it work?

Our experts include Registered Liquidators that are not only registered to act as Restructuring Practitioners but all forms of insolvency engagements. This brings a breadth of real-world experience and allows us to devise a restructuring plan that can be juxtaposed against the alternatives available, providing directors and their stakeholders with essential context.

In spite of being a new form of enagement, our experts have already dealt with landmark issues in the SBR space and are well equipped to provide solutions to complex issues and circumstances.

What makes us different?

Guidance for a Confident Financial Future

Facing insolvency can be overwhelming, but you're not alone. Let us provide the clarity and support you need to move forward with confidence. Contact us to begin your journey toward stability.

Small Business Restructuring

Small Business Restructuring offers a novel, cost-effective solution for Directors of eligible companies to restructure unmanageable debt and stay in control of their business while focussing on doing what they do best.

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